We dive each day. One or two dives are possible (depending on the weather).

The dive sites can be easily reached by one of our busses or by boot. We start at 9 a.m. and we will be back approximately at 12 a.m.

daily routine       TOP

We meet at 9 a.m. at the dive centre. It is also possible to give you a lift from your hotel nearby. Each diver gets his own box for his dive gear. Then we go to the dive sites. After assembling our equipment and a very detailed briefing we go diving.

If we do a second dive, we have a short break at the beach. Then we will go back into the water. On our way back we will have the debriefing. At the dive centre we clean our equipment in sweet water, put the suit and the BCs on hangers. The rest will be stowed in your box. After that we will have a look at the photos of the dive and fill in our logbooks.

This schedule enables to be back in time for lunch. In the afternoon you can join your family.

Additional dives can also be arranged.



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