skin diving

If you are using the correct equipment and techniques you will be astonished what you are able to discover underwater. You should also visit the "hotspots", just to be sure to see more than a lost swimming trunk. BIG BLUE organizes skin diving excursions while you can watch the aquatic life.

You'll get a diving suit to make sure to stay warm while you are skin-diving in the ocean.

skin diving tours

For experienced skin-divers we offer skin-diving tours accompanied by our guides. Become acquainted to the marine fauna and flora in an impressive way.

Adults: 25 Euro
Children: 25 Euro
(including equipment)

skin diving course

Capable for children (basic swimmer) and adults of all age groups. The course includes the necessary theory lessons, the training in the pool and one guided skin-diving tour in the ocean.

Explore the underwater world with us!

Price: 25 Euro (including equipment)

skin diving