Diving with Guide (incl. tank+weight) 

don't forget
- Brevet
- Logbook
- medical examination

a diving assurance ist strongly recommended.

We offer also an assurance, which can be booked in our base.

we accept

  without Equipment with Equipment
1st and 2nd dive each 33,00 Euro 43,00 Euro
3rd and 4th dive each 28,00 Euro 38,00 Euro
5th and 6th dive each 25,00 Euro 35,00 Euro
7th and 8th dive each 24,00 Euro 34,00 Euro
9th dive 22,00 Euro 32,00 Euro
10th dive Gratis/Gratuito Gratis/Gratuito
11th and 12th dive each 20,00 Euro 30,00 Euro

Surcharges per dive
1 part of Equipment 5 Euro
Complete Equipment 10 Euro
Night dive 10 Euro
Lamp 10 Euro
Divecomputer 5 Euro
Boat from 5 Euro
Nitrox on request

Diving for beginners
Bubblemaker (8-12 years) 45 Euro
Try Dive in the ocean (one person) 90 Euro
Try Dive in the ocean (two persons) 150 Euro
Snorkeling excursion 25 Euro

Dive courses CMAS 
CMAS Junior * - *** 195 Euro
CMAS Basic Diver 220 Euro
CMAS Bronze * 369 Euro
CMAS AOWD 350 Euro
Specialties (deep, night, …) 100 Euro
Nitrox, Silver, Gold, Ass. Inst. please ask

The price of a first Scuba experience will be acounted on a following Bronze CMAS* course.
Basic Diver, CMAS Junior* and CMAS Bronze* incl. Equipment.

Dive courses NAUI 
NAUI Passport 170 Euro
NAUI Scubadiver (OWD) 340 Euro
NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver (AOWD)
Rescue, Nitrox, MSD ,DM,..

The price of a first Scuba experience will be acounted on a following SCUBA Diver course.
SCUBA Diver and Advanced SCUBA Diver incl. Equipment.

Please ask for other speciality cources.
Try Dive in the Pool 70 Euro
Try Dive in the ocean 80 Euro
Dräger Dolphin Rebreather course

Swimming Course 
Swimming course á 45 min 15 Euro
Uplevel swimming badge 15 Euro



Diving courses

Advanced diving


Body boarding


All courses are held according to the standard guidelines of the international diving organisation of

NAUI Worldwide or CMAS Germany